Fiber Laser Marking

20W Raycus fiber laser metal marking machine 3D galvo lens engraving machine

20W Raycus fiber laser metal marking machine 3D galvo lens engraving machine
20W Raycus fiber laser metal marking machine 3D galvo lens engraving machine
20W Raycus fiber laser metal marking machine 3D galvo lens engraving machine
20W Raycus fiber laser metal marking machine 3D galvo lens engraving machine

20W Raycus fiber laser metal marking machine 3D galvo lens engraving machine    20W Raycus fiber laser metal marking machine 3D galvo lens engraving machine
Reaying Laser, make laser marking easier! The whole production procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. The complete machine passed will be tested to make sure they can work very well before being out of factory. Our machine passed CE certificate, meet European and American standard, were exported to more than 100 countries. 3D laser marking machine can use high-quality ultraviolet laser source/optical fiber laser source/CO2 laser source with very small spot and very little heat-affected zone. The 3D laser marking machine with three-axis control technology can mark uneven surface, arc surface and other irregular parts. It is widely used in fine laser processing in the high-end market.

1 Non- contact marking: Laser marking is processed to non- mechanical "knife", can be marked on the printing surface of any regular or irregular, and marking the workpiece does not produce internal stress, ensuring the accuracy of the workpiece. No corrosion on the work surface, no "tool" wear, no poison, no pollution. Permanent: The markings will not subsided for the environmental relations touch, acid and reducing gases, high temperature, low temperature, etc.

High engraving precision: laser marking machine engraving items, fine lines, minimum line width of up to 0.04mm. The markings are clear, durable and beautiful. Laser marking can meet the needs of printing large quantities of data on minimal plastic parts. For example, we can print two-dimensional barcode with higher precision and higher definition, and have stronger market competitiveness compared with the way of stamping or marking. The running cost is low: the marking speed is fast and the mark is formed at once, and the energy consumption is small, so the running cost is low. Although the laser marking machine has more equipment investment than the traditional marking equipment, it is much lower from the running cost and longer lifetime. High Efficiency: The laser beam controlled by the computer can move at high speed (57 meters per second), and the marking process can be completed in a few seconds. Anti-fake: laser marking technology, carved out of the mark is not easy to imitate and change, to a certain extent, has a strong anti-fake.

Because 3D marking can change laser focal length and laser beam position rapidly, it is possible to mark surface which can not be achieved by 2D before. After using 3D, the marking of cylinders in a certain radian can be completed at one time, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. Moreover, in real life, the surface shape of many parts is irregular, and the surface height of some parts is quite different. It is impossible to achieve 2D marking.

At this time, the advantage of 3D marking will become more obvious. High and low surface marking. In the current traditional 2D marking mode, the workpiece must be placed on the same plane, and the processing surface must be on the same plane, in order to achieve a one-time forming marking.

Using the characteristics of 3D laser marking machine, it can realize the marking of one forming process when the workpiece has a height drop. Even on the slope, it can also maintain the consistency of the processing, so that the processing content will not be deformed and the color difference will not be formed.

It greatly facilitates the carving of workpieces with three-dimensional structure, reduces the process and improves the efficiency of marking. 3-D marking uses pre-focusing optical mode and larger X and Y axis deflection lenses, so it can allow larger laser spot, better focusing accuracy and better energy effect. If 3-D marking works with the same focusing accuracy as 2-D marking, the marking range can be wider. There are inherent defects in traditional 2D marking for deep carving of object surface. With the shift of laser focus in the process of carving, the laser energy acting on the actual surface of object will decrease sharply, which seriously affects the effect and efficiency of deep carving.

For the traditional deep engraving method, the elevator is moved to a certain height every certain time during the engraving process to ensure the laser surface focusing well. 3D marking for deep engraving processing does not exist the above problems, which not only ensures the effect, but also improves the efficiency, and saves the cost of electric lifts. The 3D galvanometer has the characteristics of small size, high positioning accuracy, fast marking speed and strong anti-interference ability. In the dynamic marking process, the marking line has high accuracy, no distortion, uniform power, no distortion of pattern, and its comprehensive performance has reached the leading level in the same industry.

By changing the position of the focus axis, deep sculpture can be carried out, which can be used in 3D applications such as relief. Suitable for harsh environment, friendly interface. Clearly label, easy operate, equipped with emergency stop button. Ergonomic design for the operator to provide a comfortable and safety working environment. Aluminum working table, Flat and smooth.

Free customized position device on the platform, easy to adjust, more convenient. The failure rate is much lower than other brands.

Import high quality, easy to adjust. The control system is supported by Business computer-Industrial Computer. Which is reliable in quality, fast in speed and stable in performance. The 3D operation interface of marking software, setting the switch between the front and the back of the datum plane, and simulating the marking content of the 3D coordinate axis can help users place the work piece and edit the marking graphics.

Precision control of the focal length position of marking machine, automatic adjustment of Z-axis range when 3D depth marking processing, keep the spot minimum, and ensure the consistency of graphics after marking. Built-in concave-convex circular tube, concave-convex spherical surface, inclined surface, vertebral body, polygon and other basic models, so as to facilitate the operator to quickly set up marking.

Supporting the import of 3D models, 2D graphics can be directly covered on commonly used built-in surfaces, and 2D graphics can also be projected onto STL surfaces. Key switch / laser switch. Text, pattern, date, bar code, etc. BMP, JPG, GIF, TGA, Ai, DXF, PLT, PNG, TIF, ai, DXF, DST, etc.

85 x 90 x 150 cm. Rotary device/2D work table/ double red dot light. Purpose: suitable for marking and engraving, hardware tools, knife tools, kitchenware, plastic products, computer keyboards, integrated circuits, packaging for bottles and cans, glass frames, faucets and sanitary ware, and other products. Serial numbers and logos on plastic products, electrical enclosures, and other electronics products.

All finished machine we delivered are 100% strictly tested by our factory. (2) Pls check all goods carefully before you sign to accept the package and report to us within 3 days if there are any parts loss or machine problems. Pls show related photos and videos.

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  • marking content: text, pattern, date bar code, etc
  • Model: RY-F20
  • Modified Item: No
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Custom Bundle: Yes
  • Graphic Format Supported: BMP, jpg, gif, tga, ai, dxf, plt, png, tif, dx
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • feature: Fiber marking/ engraving on metal &non-metal
  • fiber laser power: 20W Raycus
  • working area: 100*100mm
  • cooling mode: air cooling
  • repeatability accuracy: 0.001mm
  • laser wave length: 10.64um
  • control software: EZCAD Control software
  • Marking deep: 0-2mm
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • marking speed: 7000mm/s
  • operation system: Microsoft windows 7/8/10
  • frequency of pulse: 20-100KHZ
  • Featured Refinements: Laser Engraver
  • Power: 20W
  • Brand: Reaying
  • Bundle Description: FREE SHIPPING

20W Raycus fiber laser metal marking machine 3D galvo lens engraving machine    20W Raycus fiber laser metal marking machine 3D galvo lens engraving machine